It all started in March ’95, after returning from an around-the-world trip. I knew then, that if I was ever going to get a Labrador for myself, now was the right time, as I felt I could spend the time required.

From right back to my childhood I have always had a passion for a Labrador (yellow is my favourite colour).

The kennel name (MyLab) popped into my head straight away, and I thought the name was so obvious, that I found it incredible that someone hadn’t used it before.

Although I don’t show or retrieve my dogs it doesn’t mean that I’m not fascinated by the breed, and I try to do what I can for the good of the breed. As I sit here slaving over a hot keyboard the three of them are all lying next to me sound asleep, and snoring their heads off (oh, what a life!).

Australian champion, Graffoe Gymkhana better known as Betsy came from Raye Tassie.
Raye did all the hard work in getting Betsy her champion title. Betsy’s parents are ch. Brinmede Night Raider (yellow) and Graffoe Gabriella (U.K. Imp) (yellow). Betsy was 8 years old in Sept 2002 & bred by Carol Burden.

Eastside Tyson (black) came to me from Carol Samaha. His owners moved to Queensland, however they couldn’t take him as well. Tyson’s parents are ch. Avokah Rimfire (black) and Sirrahban Just Julia (yellow). Tyson turned 11 in April 2002 & was bred by Frank Cardone.

Being a new-comer to the breeding game I tried to seek out as much information as I could on the Labrador. Australian champion Graffoe Gymkhana (Betsy) had her second & final litter with Eastside Tyson on June 28th 1997 with a special thanks to Raye & Gemmel Tassie for their help when it was most needed. Betsy had seven pups: four yellow & three black, five dogs & two bitches. Unfortunately the smallest black dog didn’t make it, however, the other six are strong and healthy. The litter was named after Kings and Queens of England.

At the moment I have three dogs Betsy, Tyson & Adele. Adele is one of Betsy & Tyson’s pups. Sunday the 31st August she was nine weeks old, & Adele is getting into more trouble than Ned Kelly. With that little sad face look that Labradors are so good at, how could you possibly stay cross with her.

My next litter was from (Adele) who was about 2 years old at the time. Adele had eight puppies, the dad of the litter is (Aust ch. Raymel Action Man) owned by Raye Tassie, and they were born during the 2000 Olympics: four males and four females. This litter was named after Olympians. From this litter I kept the stud rights to one bitch (Rachael Sporn) and kept two other puppies: a male (Ian Thorpe) and a bitch (Susie O’Neil).

A second dog came back to me, his name is (Michael Klim alias Zeus) so I went into partnership with Raye Tassie and Raye trained him, and a young lady by the name of Brook showed him for us. Michael Klim received his title in approximately ten shows; he is an excellent dog.

Breeding puppies is a lot of hard work, but seeing the pups grow and build a character of their own gives me a lot of satisfaction.

There is no way I could sell Betsy & Tyson as now I feel they are a part of me. I find it extremely hard to sell our puppies, even though I can see they are going to good homes. My pups didn’t go off to the first person that came along, in fact there were several people that I wasn’t happy with and I wouldn’t sell them a pup.

If I thought for a second I could get away with it, I would have kept them all. But instead I settled for a file on each pup, with colour photo on top of the file, and some video that I had shot when they were born, two weeks, four weeks, and again at seven-eight weeks. The speed at which they grow is incredible.

During July 2002 (Rachael Sporn) now in her second season had a litter of puppies, all seven yellow in colour, and four males and three females. The dad of the litter is, (Aust ch. Somneika Nakita) alias Cinques owned by Noel McLaren & Glen Murphy.

Hopefully by Christmas 2002 (Susie O’Neil) will also be a mum for the first time.

Well time has moved on, time for an update!!

We have had a rush of puppies since the last instalment Susie has had two litters of pups all yellow and all irresistible. Her first litter she had 8 pups, and 10 in her second. We also had a litter of pups for some friends with a black bitch by the name of Jessie (Juno Jessie) who had six puppies, which were all black with the exception of one yellow boy. All seem to be doing well from what we hear and are getting into mischief as most Lab’ puppies do. We also kept a puppy from Jessie’s litter named Missy who is into absolutely everything.

Sadly we also lost Tyson at the age of 13 in November. This was very sad but in the end he was unable to get himself around without pain and we hope he is more comfortable now. He will be greatly missed by many people, as he was such a great dog. Thanks to all those who sent us wishes at the time and to Phil Hutt for his compassion.


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